Individual Counselling

The relationship with yourself is as important as the couple's relationship, as it’s the foundation of all other relationships. A healthy relationship with yourself can improve your mental health, enhance your relationships, and improve your work productivity.

As a trauma-informed counsellor, I understand how our bodies respond to stress and trauma. This includes recognising the physiological responses of stress, fight-flight-freeze, anxiety, and dissociation. By learning to recognise these signs, we can develop tools to calm your nervous system and restore balance.

“We can't selectively numb emotions, if we numb the pain, we also numb the joy”

Brene Brown

I work with individual clients around the following themes:

  • Gaining a healthy relationship with themselves. Building self-compassion, and maintaining self-care.
  • Recovering after a relationship breakup, or after abuse.
  • Understanding their family of origin and their relationship patterns.
  • Improving their assertiveness, boundary setting, and communication skills.
  • Managing stress, anxiety, depression, anger, people pleasing, trauma, grief and loss.
  • Learning to regulate emotions, heal through self-compassion, and engage with feelings in the body, rather than solely analysing them intellectually. It involves building the capacity to embrace and experience challenging emotions and sensations, thereby avoiding the tendency to avoid, numb or distract from them.

“If we share a story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive”

Brene Brown